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Why invest ethically?

Perhaps the question should be:
Why WOULDN'T you invest ethically?

There is a compelling argument for ethical and responsible investment to be the default option for everyone. A bold statement? Not really, when you look at the returns from 'good' money, compared to 'bad' money (see later).

If you are at ease with your money being invested anywhere a fund/pension manager might choose, remember that there's a strong chance your money could be financing weapons production, child labour, environmental damage, human rights abuses, animal exploitation (it's quite a long list). If you are still at ease with this idea then ethical investment isn't for you and Ethical Investors are not the most appropriate financial advisers for you.

If, however, you do care about what your money does AND you want to achieve great long term investment returns, ethical and responsible investment is definitely something for you and Ethical Investors would be keen to welcome you as a client and help you achieve your financial goals.

Since 1989 we've been advising individuals, charities and responsible businesses on how to invest their money in line with their values. During this time one of the most consistent questions has been...."if I invest ethically, will I have to suffer lower returns?" We've always said that the answer to this is NO.

There will be many people reading this saying "of coure they would say this, wouldn't they", but you don’t have to take our word for it. Try any of the links below for independent confirmation of what we've been saying for nearly 30 years - investing in line with your personal values will achieve the same or potentially better returns compared to non-ethical investment.

The Links:

Estate Planning