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Whether your concern is protecting your family in the event of your death, your lifestyle if you are unable to work, or your business should you or a key person die or suffer illness, we are able to provide advice on the most suitable options. Life Assurance and illness protection are, superficially, simple concepts but the most appropriate plan/policy needs to be selected from a myriad of different options. We will also guide you through the issue of writing policies in Trust to make sure that your intended beneficiaries are the ones who actually benefit.


Covering a mortgage debt or making sure your family is financially secure if you were to die or have to stop work is one of the key elements of financial planning. Retirement planning and investing are all very well, but if you not live long enough to accumulate a substantial sum your family will have very little. Protecting your family, or even your own future, against death or long term illness is inexpensive and once in place attention can then be given to longer term saving and retirement.

The loss, through long term illness or death, of a key member of management/staff can set a business back or even drive it under. It is possible for a business to cover these key individuals so in the event of their loss to the organisation money will come into the business from the insurance policy. This can provide a much needed boost to cash flow as a temporary measure or can be used to buy in replacements via a 'golden hello.

'Wealth cascading down the generations' as a cricketing Prime Minister once said. This cascade can just happen with no planning at all, but with the Government set to tax the cascade at 40% a little bit of planning can make sure that as much as possible reaches then next and future generations.

We are not talking about complicated offshore Trust companies, merely some sensible planning which includes having a Will in place with the correct structure, Planning lifetime gifts, considering protection policies to cover Inheritance Tax Liabilities, loans and other options are all legitimate ways of maximising the cascade. Ethical Investors have a wealth of experience in this area as well as access to technical experts and access to technical experts to assist you with your planning.

*Not all adivce in this area is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.