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Pensions simplification - ah, were that the case. With significant increases in flexibility when drawing benefits allied to increases in restrictions on how and when money can be paid in, the world of pensions has never been more complicated. Stakeholders, Personal Pensions, SIPPs and Platform pensions all appear to offer the same goal - to save for retirement - but they all have their pros and cons and charges.

Employers are now required to establish and contribute to pension arrangements for their staff, so aligning an organisation's values with the underlying investments of the pension fund has never been more important. Charities and NGOs, in particular, need to make sure that their reputations are not compromised by making the wrong Auto Enrolment choice.

Ethical Investors can help individuals establish or consolidate pensions both pre and post retirement. We also have significant experience in helping employers with the Auto Enrolment decisions.


Whether you are self employed or an employee looking to have your own plan running alongside your employer's Auto Enrolment scheme, choosing the right plan, with the right ethical values, is a key part of the retirement planning process.

Balancing product cost, investment choice, flexibility, ethical values and investment risk are all areas on which we can offer expert advice.

We have access to the best pension plans available; from low-cost Stakeholders with limited investment choice to pension platforms proving access to the best ethical and environmental funds.
Do you have pension plans with ex-employers and others you started yourself but can't remember much about them? We offer a pension consolidation service where each of your existing plans is looked at in detail and a report issued with a recommendation to leave it where it is or to transfer to a more appropriate plan for your needs.

Unfortunate as it is, the fact is couples do separate and divorce. In these circumstances, pension sharing/splitting is now a common part of the financial settlement. Our in-house pensions splitting expert is able to provide advice and support to you and your legal support.

Establishing a new Scheme

Whether your staging date is only months away or you still have longer to plan ahead we have expertise in setting up an approved Auto Enrolment scheme in line with your organisation's values.

Full information on our auto enrolment support services - click here for our PDF

Moving an existing AE scheme

Perhaps you rushed into setting up your current AE scheme without considering whether the investment options are in line with your organisations values. There is now an active market in employers moving their original AE scheme to ones which offer a better deal to staff, more support for the employer and, importantly, investment options which are aligned to the values of your organisation/business

Estate Planning