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We've been advising clients on the most appropriate investment to meet their ethical, financial and risk requirements for nearly 30 years. Over this time we've placed many millions of pounds of client money into social, ethical and environmental investments.

Finding the right investment means negotiating the worlds of savings accounts, the stock market, ISAs, LISAs, Unit Trusts, Investment Trusts, Discretionary Portfolios etc and this can be difficult to do without expert advice. Our advisers do just that, advise, rather than sell or bamboozle people into inappropriate financial decisions. Sometimes the right thing is to leave your money where it is and if that’s the case it is exactly what we'll advise you to do.


Cash ISAs, Stock Market ISAs, Help to Buy ISAs, LISAs, Child ISAs - it's a complicated environment for these useful and tax efficient savings vehicles. Finding the fight type of ISA is the first step, then risk and ethical factors can come into play in selecting the best provider. We can help you find the best combination to meet your needs.

If you still have long term money to invest after using up your ISA allowance, investing in Unit Trusts and OEICS (Open Ended Investment Companies) may be the next step. They can provide near ISA tax efficiency for most people and, in later year, can be easily switched into an ISA taking advantage of future allowances.

For larger long term investment sums (Commonly £500,000+) we can introduce clients to the most appropriate Discretionary manager to develop a bespoke investment portfolio. The investment will be tailored to your financial and ethical requirements. Ethical Investors provides ongoing financial planning support whilst our sister company, Ethical Screening, provides you and your manager with the lists of companies that fail your personal values.

Spreading your money amongst different investment companies makes good sense - you don't want all your eggs in one basket. In times gone by this was achieve by starting individual investment plans with lots of different companies - achieve diversification but administratively cumbersome and often expensive. An investment 'platform' allows investors to open a single account and hold lots of different ethical funds from different managers in this single account; administratively much easier, allowing free fund switches, the ability to invest in funds efficency and much easier for Ethical Investors to provide ongoing investment advice and recommendations.

Positive investment covers a wide range of investment options; socially responsible lending from an ethical bank or building society, investment into social housing through to investment funds holding shares in wind, solar and clean water companies. Whilst most responsible investors would like all of their money in positive investments the realist is that most are still considered rather high up on the risk scale. Ethical Investors can help balance your head and your heart when it comes to investing your money.

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