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In the Guardian's 'The Giving List' (25/11/02), Ethical Investors headed the list of UK companies, donating the highest percentage of pre-tax profits of any UK company.

We are absolutely delighted to be acknowledged in this way, as well as being honoured and privileged that our clients have been the driving force being Ethical Investors's success. By selecting Ethical Investors Group as their independent financial adviser, our clients have directly contributed to the year-on-year success of our company and, as a result, have been instrumental in raising substantial sums for good causes.

Isn't this old news? True, 2002 was a long time ago, but there is a reason why we keep this information on our web site. Firstly, we are really proud of having achieved the number one position so why not keep shouting about it! Secondly, the fact that we did achieve the number one slot actually rocked the establishment. We managed to upset some of the largest UK companies; not because we gave away more money (which would be impossible, but because we demonstrated that a business was prepared to give so much of its profits away.

Following our success, we believe that the qualification rules have now changed and that business have to give away a high minimum level and for this sum to be 1% or more of profits to qualify. We will always be able to qualify for the latter, but for the foreseeable future we won't qualify on the high monetary amount hurdle.

Still, it is always nice to rock the boat a little.

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Leap of Faith

Lee Coates, Director and Founder of Ethical Investors commented:

I am delighted that, as a small company, our work has been recognised. I am particularly delighted that a financial services company is top of the tree. The financial services industry has a very poor reputation, but I have always believed that ethics and financial advice are natural partners, but it does require a leap of faith on the part of each adviser.

For the full Giving List, see the Guardian website.

About the Giving List and Business in the Community

Loading Image..Business in the Community (www.bitc.org.uk) is a unique movement of 700 member companies committed to continually improving their positive impact on society. Business in the Community is an independent charity with 20 years experience of achieving its charitable purpose "to create a public benefit by working with companies to improve the positive impact of business in society".
The Percent Club Index is a voluntary benchmark, measuring the contributions made by companies though cash donations, staff time, gifts in kind and management time, shown as a percentage of pre-tax profits.

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