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Friday, 15 Apr 2016 by Raechel Kelly | 0 Comments






UK solar generation tops coal for the first time

The age of the sun guzzler

The Western World’s Largest Coal Company Declares Bankruptcy

Peabody Energy deploys the 50 Cent bankruptcy defence, but is it credible?



You probably have a drawer full of them – why can't we crack battery recycling?



Companies get serious about water use



BP shareholders revolt against CEO’s £14m pay package



Climate change will wipe $2.5tn off global financial assets: study



Killer robots: the case for human control



Fracking wells released over 5 billion pounds of methane in one year



Did This New Nonprofit Crack The Code For Building Developing World Housing?



ESG/SRI news:

Defending divestment

Institutions see ESG investing as an integral part of portfolio construction

The Growth of the Responsible Investment Industry

What now?

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