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Organic Money

Sunday, 08 Aug 2010 by Lee | 0 Comments

Organic Money

Being an organic grower, whether in one's own garden or as a full scale organic farmer, can take much more effort, but is ultimately much more rewarding.  It is always easier to do what the majority do, follow their lead and just 'fit in', however, this means using pesticides, chemicals and unsustainable production methods. If you've chosen a lifestyle where growing organic and buying organic is what you believe in, then is your money as organic as the rest of your life?
For the organic woman and man there is a fundamental disconnect between their desire to support organic opportunities wherever they arise and the reality that their money is almost inevitably driving a coach & horses through their most basic principles.  The idea of promoting 'organic money' is not a gimmick; the subject is too serious for such frivolity.  Take a few minutes to read and think about the subject of this short article, and find out whether or not your savings, investments, pensions et al are invested into GM, pesticides, chemical companies etc.
What is non-organic money?
Put simply, if you have not made an explicit request to have your savings, investments and pensions invested in line with organic and sustainable principles, then your money will most certainly be invested in, or used to financially support, companies involved with intensive farming, chemicals, pesticides, deforestation and possibly worse. Unfortunately, this is the default position for almost all financial arrangements, whether it be your bank lending your cash ISA or savings to a company developing cloned cattle, or your pension company using your pension fund to buy shares in a company producing chemicals that mimic oestrogen.
What is organic money?
Just like buying organic or producing organic, organic money takes a little more effort to find, but it is worth the effort. Choosing your bank account, selecting the right cash ISA, investing in a screened stocks and Shares ISA, holding the most sustainable pension, are all choices that you are free to make. To start this process, you'll need to do one of the following: -
a) Undertake research into the loan activities of banks, and the investment policies of pension and investment management companies to find out exactly where and how your money is being used;
b) work with a qualified and experienced financial adviser who empathises with your pursuit of organic money. Few financial advisers fully understand the idea of responsible and sustainable investment. At Ethical Investors, we can offer highly qualified and professional advice, coupled with 21 years of experience and knowledge of all forms of responsible, ethical and sustainable investment.

What now?

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