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Wednesday, 02 Sep 2009 by lee | 0 Comments


According to a recent article in the Telegraph online (see link below) the British Government is being asked to spend more on ‘Defence’. The call has come, wait for it, from the Defence Industries Council (DIC). An independent think tank? No, not really – the body represents the interests of companies in the arms (sorry, I think they like to be called Defence) industry.
Whilst it is absolutely right that Britain’s soldiers should have what they need to do their job, it does ring a little hollow that the calls for more spending are coming from the companies that hope to get the money! The whole defence industry employs around 300,000 in the UK, whereas Tesco, on its own, employs around 250,000. Maybe Tesco should ask the Government to increase its Overseas Aid budget by buying more food from Tesco and sending it overseas! Maybe such a move would help our reputation on the World stage, rather than more money being spent on arms (sorry, did it again – Defence).
What do you think?

What now?

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