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Kilts and Climate Change

Friday, 24 Jul 2009 by lee | 0 Comments

Scots show the way forward

Christian Aid has congratulated the Scottish Parliament for their brave commitment to reduce emissions further than any other country.

The article ( highlights the significant steps taken by MSPs in committing to reduce emissions by far more and and a shorter period than other countries.

One of the more daring commitments is that emissions targets will include the full effects of emissions from international aviation and shipping from the start.  All too often when politicians are seen debating miniscule reductions in CO2 emissions, the effects of aviation are generally excluded.

As politicians start to plan their sightseeing trips and order in the beer for Copenhagen in December, Scotland's politicians have thrown down the gauntlet - stop talking and start walking. 

Any bets on whether anyone else will follow the Scottish lead?



What now?

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