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At Ethical Investors Group, we are constantly trying to manage the twin needs of provision of useful and comprehensive information on our services, and the environmental impact of our operations. To this end, we adopt a number of different approaches to sending information to interested parties. This allows each enquirer to decide the most appropriate means by which to receive information from us.

We endeavour to reply to enquiries the same working day -
if you have not had a reply within three working days then please call us on 01242 539848 or e-mail info (at) ethicalinvestors.co.uk.

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Pension Planning Discretionary Fund Management 
Lump Sum Investments Life Assurance
ISAs/Unit Trusts/Pep Transfers House Purchase Plans
Consolidating existing investments onto the Ethical Fund Supermarket Regular Savings
Free Ethical/Green Review of Existing Policies

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Notice about the Data Protection Act 1998 - Ethical Investors Group holds information about our clients on computer. This information will include your name, address and telephone number. We also hold other basic information that we obtain from your completed Client Information Form, together with information about any policies you may take out though us. The reason we hold this information is to allow us to check client details quickly and efficiently.

We also send out regular Newsletters and use the computer to print out client names and addresses. We do not sell this information, nor do we swap it with other organisations. We take confidentiality very seriously and we do not make your details available to anyone not directly employed by us. It may be necessary however to inform an insurance company of information we hold on computer to help process a client's application and in these circumstances we do release only the required information.

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